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What is ACT?


The “acceptance” in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is based on the notion that, as a rule, trying to get rid of our pain only amplifies it, entangles us further in it, and transforms it into something traumatic that derails us from living lives filled with meaning and purpose.

Acceptance is the act of being fully present in the here and now without pushing away your experiences. It is the willingness to have an emotion, thought or feeling instead of attempting to control it.

This doesn’t mean approving, wanting or liking one’s experience, or even simply tolerating it in a white knuckle kind of way. Acceptance in ACT is more like opening up than it is like giving up.

Helping your clients learn to accept their present moment experiences creates more flexibility and freedom to make contact with what is really important to them in that moment. And ACT provides you with the knowledge and tools to do just that.


After all, why should clients accept their experiences as they are? Why work on becoming more mindful of and present with even one’s more difficult experiences?

We all know that mindfulness and acceptance processes on their own can be powerful. But one of the things that makes ACT different is that it asks people to employ them in the service of their values.

Values are chosen life directions. They are not goals. They cannot be obtained once and for all. Rather they are the qualities we embrace so we can be the kind of person we want to be.

What do your clients want their lives to be about? What do they value?

ACT provides clinicians specific tools to help clients discover their values and the techniques needed to help them pursue those values, with (not in spite of) their personal struggles and pain.

This is why we call it mindfulness with purpose.


At the end of the day, life is all about what we do. Most people know what they want their lives to be about. The question is, how do they manifest that in the world?

It all comes down to action (we call it ACT for a reason, after all). In the words of ACT co-founder Kelly Wilson, the question ACT brings to the table is this:

“In this very moment, will you accept the sad and the sweet, hold lightly stories about what is possible, and be the author of a life that has meaning and purpose for you, turning in kindness back to that life when you find yourself moving away from it?”

Helping clients answer this question may not make their pain go away overnight or cause a magical transformation in behavior, but it can help them radically reorient their lives and take small, vital steps toward what is truly and deeply meaningful to them.

What is ACT Bootcamp?

ACT BootCamp is a four-day, immersive, experiential seminar that teaches you how to employ these techniques in real time. Lectures, interactive exercises, focus groups, and more are included to create the most comprehensive ACT training on the planet. It is you a unique opportunity to re-engage in your lifelong commitment to be a better therapist while learning methods that will not only help you help others, but fundamentally change your own life as well.


Learn More

Steven Hayes, PhD
Co-founder of ACT

Tim Gordon, MSW, RSW
Host, The ACT Webinar Series

Emily Sandoz, PhD
Editor, JCBS

Tom Szabo, PhD, BCBA-D
Site Director, FIT Behavior Analysis Hybrid Master’s Program at CARD (Los Angeles)

Matt Boone, MSW, LCSW
Editor, Mindfulness & Acceptance in Social Work

Laura Silberstein-Tirch, PsyD
Associate Director of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy in New York.

This Year’s Theme

This year, the theme of BootCamp is Do More with What You Have. The workshop will cover the basics of the ACT model and provide you practical tools and techniques you can use in your practice to reinvigorate and transform your practice as soon as the training is over.

Whatever your background and orientation—CBT, DBT, family systems, psychodynamic therapy, existential-humanistic therapy—ACT’s unique functional-contextual perspective can really make a difference in the lives of the people you serve.

Learn How You Can Do More with What You Have


Training runs all day Thursday — Sunday

CE Credits available for those who attend all days.
Additional Credits for Evening Discussion Sessions.

  • Morning Yoga
    Start your mornings with gentle, restorative ACT-focused yoga led by Tim Gordon.
  • Pre-BootCamp Orientation
    Wednesday evening create your intention for BootCamp using the ACT Matrix—an innovative way to guide people toward the life they value.
  • Day 1: The Foundations of ACT
    In this ground-up approach to training, Emily Sandoz, will introduce you to the scientific and linguistic underpinnings of ACT in an interactive, pragmatic way. This is not geeky stuff! It’s a new way into the practice starting from its base—functional contextualism.
  • Day 2: Introduction to ACT
    Now that the foundation has been built, it’s time to dig into the model in earnest. Matt Boone will introduce you to the six psychological flexibility processes at the very heart of ACT through a sequence of enriching experiential exercises.
  • Days 3 & 4: Intermediate ACT Part 1
    This year we will go directly from a one-day introduction to ACT into intermediate practices led by ACT founder, Steve Hayes. This two part trainings starts on day 3 ends on day 4. You will discover ACT “micro-skills” you can use in your practice to really move the needle with clients, learn how to build a deeper therapeutic alliance with ACT using the psychological flexibility model, and will even experience fun events like “hexadancing” and more.
  • Meet Peers, Build Networks
    Use BootCamp as an opportunity to connect with other people interested in this model so you can make referrals, bounce ideas off each other, stay in touch about your practice, support each other and develop lifelong relationships.

Learn More About Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

What About Continuing Education?

Praxis Continuing Education and Training, Inc., is approved as a sponsor of continuing education by:

  • The American Psychological Association
  • The National Board of Certified Counselors- ACEP #6759
  • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences- PCE 5771

Additionally, we offer continuing education credit to board-certified behavior analysts at all our training events.

The four-day BootCamp consists of 28 continuing-education hours in a single track plus three optional discussion sessions that each offer an additional 2 continuing-education hours. Participants may choose to attend any or all of the discussion sessions, making the total credit hours from the entire training 28, 30, 32, or 34. Complete attendance verified by badge scan is required to receive certified credit for any session. No partial credit will be awarded.

*Please note that complete attendance is necessary at all required training sessions for continuing education certification. No partial CE will be awarded.

Our Reviews

“My experience at this Bootcamp has been all about enrichment. If you find yourself on the fence about whether you ought to attend Bootcamp this time, this year or next year, do it now. The things that you’ll gain from doing it now, even if you’ve been before, can be used right away. We find ourselves not making room for our own development and growth, and therefore not making room for the growth of our clients in the same way. Come to Bootcamp. You’ll help yourself and you’ll help your clients.”
—Beth Lee | MA, LMFT, President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of ACBS

“So, there are a lot of skills and techniques I learned at Bootcamp, but I think the most important tool is the permission to be myself. If you’re on the fence about whether you should come to Bootcamp or not, just make room for that thought, and I would recommend you come anyway, because for me, it was really life transforming. In the Bootcamp, you get a real heavy dose of techniques, but it’s really about more than learning techniques. For me, it was really about coming into contact with myself.”
—Philip Cha | LMFT

“My experience at Praxis Bootcamp has been transformational. The one, maybe most important thing I’ve learned at this Bootcamp is that the most important thing is to be present. Bootcamp will free you to be the best therapist you can be.”
—Jennifer Wortmann | Ph.D.

“This is the place where you can have not only the theoretical or verbal knowledge about ACT and the processes and model behind it, but experiential learning of it. It is a great combination. It is awesome. It is intense. It is draining, in a way, but it is the best experience.”
—Luisa Canon | Psy-D, BCBA

Registration Fees

ACT BootCamp Tampa Professional Registration

Discounted Price If Registered By
$649.00 Monday, January 16, 2017
$699.00 Wednesday, February 1, 2017
$749.00 Thursday, February 16, 2017

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ACT BootCamp San Diego Student Registration


  • Student rate applies to current students, interns or if you are currently in a fellowship program
  • Student rate is 50% off the regular registration rate & therefore cannot be combined with any promotional codes
  • Student spaces are limited; please register early
  • Student ID showing current term, current class schedule, or current term tuition receipt is required to pick up your badge
  • Continuing education credit certification fees cannot be discounted

Refund Policy

ACT BootCamp Tampa Professional Registration

Refund Policy if Registered by Monday, January 16, 2017

Price Paid: $649.00
Refund If Cancelled By
$649.00 Thursday, January 26, 2017
$486.75 Thursday, February 1, 2017
$324.50 Wednesday, February 15 2017

Refund Policy if Registered by Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Price Paid: $699.00
Refund If Cancelled By
Thursday, January 26, 2017
$374.50 Wednesday, February 15 2017


ACT BootCamp Tampa Student Registration

Price Paid: $349.00
Refund If Cancelled By
$349.00 Thursday, January 26, 2017
$261.75 Thursday, February 1, 2017
$174.50 Friday, February 15, 2017

*Regardless of the refund amount listed, the amount refunded will never exceed the amount paid.

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